What WE Make Digital Marketing Case Study


This client sells high end custom wood furniture made from reclaimed and refurbished wood, with an Average Order Value (AOV) > $1,200.


What WE Make's main goal was increased sales through their online store.


The client more than doubled their website sales in the first full year they worked with us! Facebook Ads saw a greater than 4x ROAS.


Increased Online Sales
Leads from Google Search and Display Ads
Total Sales 2020


Increased Email Sales

Overall Website Performance



Annual Users


Increased Revenue

Facebook and Instagram Ad Performance

What WE Make spent over $31k on paid social ads and made over $148k in sales for a ROAS of 4.74x for the year 2020. (And we could have done a lot more if they had more production capacity!)


Even with a strict 28-day click only attribution, their ROAS was over 4x!

Their Facebook and Instagram Ad performance has been even better in 2021 at 9.35x ROAS!  


Return on Ad Spend (Facebook and Instagram)

Email Marketing Performance

Because the client is holding off on switching from Squarespace to Shopify, we don’t yet have the full benefit of email performance reporting through Klaviyo.

Even so, we’ve been able to help the client drive list growth, open rates and sales through their email marketing. Google Analytics reports a 248% increase in email sales.



Growth In Email Sales Revenue

Google Ads Performance

Because people don’t buy $1,200 products immediately after clicking on a Google Ad, we track leads as conversions so we can measure cost per lead. 

The client then sells to these leads through live chat and email.

We generated over 800 leads this way at a cost per lead of $34.44.
When the client switches from Squarespace to Shopify, more of their sales will go through their website so we hope to be able to better track return on ad spend for both Facebook and Google Ads.
"As a growing e-commerce business, it is great to have a digital ad agency that acts in partnership with our business What WE Make. Our weekly meetings have been great to make adjustments as our business needs change. We have seen a huge uptick in sales through our FB advertising campaigns which have help our business to continue to grow."
Dan Quinn, Owner

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