The Healthy Place - Digital Marketing Case Study


The owner Tim O’Brien came to us saying he’d had trouble achieving a positive return on his Facebook Ads. Plus he had never figured out how to make out-of-state sales.


He told us he’d be happy with a mere 0.5x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), knowing that once someone becomes a customer, they’ll buy more vitamins and supplements in the future.


We helped them reach a ROAS of 4.24x, which is profitable for Tim and far exceeds his original goal of 0.5x ROAS! Plus he's finally making sales out of state through Google Ads.


Increased Online Sales
Spent on Facebook Ads
Sales from Facebook Ads


Increased Organic Search Traffic

Facebook Ad Performance

As the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, we were able to help Tim offset his losses from his retail stores by vastly overshooting his ROAS goal on Facebook.

Check out these phenomenal returns from the ads Caroline on our team set up! (Learn more about the creative that worked well for our clients here on YouTube.)


They opened a new ad account in December of 2020. 

Here are their combined results between the two accounts.

So here’s what performance has looked like with us over the lifetime of this channel through April 5, 2021:

  • 4.24x ROAS overall
  • Spent $126,588.86 and made $536,316.68 in 14 months

    Here’s their 2021 performance to date (3.51x ROAS).


      We are currently working with him on scaling up his spend and sales.


      Spent on Facebook Ads


      Campaign Earnings

      Email Marketing

      Tim’s team was also using MailChimp for their email marketing when they came to us. We encouraged them to switch to Klaviyo, which offers more robust integration and automation with ecommerce stores like their WordPress WooCommerce site.

      Our email marketing expert Chris set up a simple two-email cart abandonment flow that now makes them $9,140 per month!


      These and other Klaviyo email flows have made them over $199,656 in the last 12 months (April 6, 2020 - April 6, 2021).


      Here’s what their list growth has looked like through March 2021 since we set up and started A/B testing float-in pop-up offers with Klaviyo.


      Here’s what their form submit rate has done since we’ve been A/B testing their email opt-in form. It reached 7.5%!



      Sales from Email Automation in One Year

      SEO Performance

      We focused on keyword research and onsite SEO for product pages and categories starting in April 2020.

      Here is a screenshot of their year-over-year organic traffic in Google Analytics from Sept 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021. (They didn’t have Google Analytics running in this account before Sept 1, 2019 for the comparison.)

      Their organic traffic increased 220.16% year-over-year.

      Google Search Console shows a similar uptick in clicks and impressions.
      For September, year-over-year Organic Search traffic increased 300% (Sept 2020 vs Sept 2019).


      Growth In Organic Search Traffic

      Google Shopping Performance

      This was a new channel for The Healthy Place and they’ve now done over $443k in sales through it. 

      Tim has been happy gaining customers from outside Madison, Wisconsin (where their retail locations are based) through Google Shopping.

      The 1.99x ROAS (Conv. value / cost in the screenshot below) has been profitable for Tim and The Healthy Place and we expect to increase it as we optimize the account.

      I own a company called The Healthy Place - Apple Wellness. We are just about to hit our ten year anniversary. I hired Caravan Digital for paid ads and SEO help. I must admit that when we first shook hands, I did not have a lot of faith because I had been disappointed a few times over the years in this area. Little did I know that they would immediately gain me more sales through paid ads. Caravan is literally fueling my mission to impact, empower, and educate the nation on natural alternatives!!

      They also have given my team and I a clear road map of how to build our SEO in the coming years. I had know idea what kind magic they had in creating/managing email campaigns. Also, finding areas of my company to contribute that I didn't even think of, like integrating our same day delivery program with our point of sale.

      I could not be happier that I gave Caravan Digital a chance to help me in my business. I would recommend them to any business that wants to grow and reach more customers with their service or products.

      I must also give a shout out to their team as well. ALL of them are super fun to work with. I look forward to every meeting! Keep up the great work Caravan Digital!!

      Tim O'Brien, Owner

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