Our Services

We help ecommerce companies grow their sales profitably through paid social, email automation and Google Ads. We work on one-time projects, retainer or pay-for-performance agreements.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our paid social experts manage your account and create profitable ads that scale.


Grow customer lifetime value by building relationships through Klaviyo's automated email flows.

Google &
YouTube Ads

We set up and run your Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and YouTube Ads.

The Caravan Digital Process

  • We always start by understanding your customers, their pain pain points and aspirations, and how your products and brand improve their lives
  • We audit any ads you've run to see what's worked (or not worked) in the past, then we create new ads based on your customers, images and videos
  • Our initial goal is to reach or exceed your return on ad spend (ROAS) targets, which we can help you calculate
  • Once your campaigns are profitable, we work to optimize your ads and scale up your spend to increase your sales.

What Can We Do For You?

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