Ephraim Pottery Digital Marketing Case Study


This client came to us for digital marketing strategy and consulting.

They had been experimenting with Facebook and Google Ads on their own, but weren't satisfied with the results.


They wanted to increase traffic and sales to their online pottery store.


After Caroline consulted on their Facebook Ads, they drove massive sales and ROAS using the Facebook Ad campaign structure, targeting and creative we recommended.


Facebook Ads ROAS. Seriously.


Cost of Facebook Ads


Sales From Ads


Sales Growth Year-over-Year

Sales Growth

During our one-year contract with Ephraim Pottery, their year-over-year online sales grew by 61%.

All but one of the 12 months were record months for their ecommerce store.

In April, May and June they more than doubled their online sales year-over-year.



Total Sales


Increased Sales in One Year

Facebook Ads

We advised them on their Facebook Ad account structure, targeting and creative, and here were the results they saw in 2020 through September 10.
  • Spent $9,357 on ads and made $219,954.29 in sales! 
  • Saw a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 23.51x based on 28-day click and 1-day view conversion 
  • 21.47x ROAS for the year based on just a 28-day click attribution window, see below


    Facebook Ad Sales


    Return on Ad Spend

    SEO Performance

    After focusing on keyword research and onsite optimization, Ephraim Pottery’s Organic Search traffic increased 31.87% year over year (Oct 1, 2019 - Sept 30, 2020).


    Organic Search Traffic Increase

    Email Marketing

    We switched them from Campaign Monitor to Klaviyo.

    We implemented email acquisition strategies to grow their email list. By opting for a flyout rather than a popup that appears after visitors have been on the site for more than 40 seconds or if they have scrolled down 40% of the landing page, we were able to grow their email list by more than 2,000 emails in 6 months.

    The automated email flows we set up generated them $53,041 in sales in the first year.
    Every new signup was then added to a welcome series. The five emails in the flow generated nearly $40,000 in revenue this year.
    We also implemented an abandon cart flow that ran during special promotion, which generated over $1000 in revenue.

    We reached out to [Caravan Digital] in the summer of 2019. We had been handling marketing in house for two decades. In hiring [Caravan] we hoped to have professionals advise us. What we got was a team of experts who helped us straighten out all kinds of problems. From SEO, to google ads, to email marketing, analytics, and fb marketing, the [Caravan] team addressed the problems, solved them, and taught us how to manage these areas ourselves.

    I really appreciated [Caravan's] flexibility. If we wanted coaching to do the work ourselves, they facilitated that; if we didn't have the time to dig in, they would do the work for us. It is so great to have found a trust-worthy, competent marketing team to help us navigate the complexities of online marketing and ecommerce. In one year, we exceeded all of our sales and marketing goals. I highly recommend [Caravan Digital] to any small business doing ecommerce marketing.

    Leah Purisch, Ephraim Pottery

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