Landing Pages for Ecommerce w Tanner Duncan

In this episode Eagan talks with Tanner Duncan (@TannerSDuncan on Twitter) from Like We Are Friends about optimizing “outside” your Facebook Ad account by building custom landing pages.

Tanner Duncan named his agency Like We Are Friends because he wanted a brand name that reflects how he and his team work with their clients. 

Building high-converting landing pages has never been more important. As Tanner says, we need to “optimize around the ad account” instead of just inside it. After the Apple iOS 14 update, Facebook doesn’t have as much data to help you increase your sales and profits. This update made digital advertising much harder because Facebook couldn’t find new customers like they used to and it was harder to close the loop with conversion tracking (especially cross-device).

So in order to continue to drive sales and profits, you need to convert as many visitors as possible. 

Tanner found that dedicated landing pages they call “pre-sell pages” performed better than traditional ecommerce landing pages. 

As in the Omsum example, strong branding and design is as important as ever. The product photos are unbelievably high quality and they show what the final product will look like when cooked. The colors really jump out and are compelling.

With that basic graphic design and branding in place, it’s time to optimize above the fold (or above the scroll). 

  • Make sure the brand name is at the top
  • Write a captivating headline that captures the value proposition concisely 
  • Highlight customer reviews to build social proof and trust
  • Special offer like Free Shipping
  • Call to Action (CTA)


Then below the scroll:

  • Why this is a great offer
  • How the product works
  • Use icons and design to make it easily readable
  • Add a product block that looks like a product page
  • Meet the founders (if they’re an integral part of the brand story)

If possible, jump right to the checkout page when users add to cart. Streamline the experience to make it easy to buy, especially on mobile. 

Before making changes based on this landing page example, Tanner and his team were seeing a 2.14x Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER = Total Revenue / Total Ad Spend). After the changes, the client saw a 4.1x MER. In this case, optimizing “around the account” allow them to increase the profitability of their client’s Facebook ads. 

Landing Page tools for Ecommerce

Tanner and his team use:

  • Shogun in Shopify
  • Figma (for wireframing)
  • (which allows building out the Figma wireframes) 

In terms of URLs, they make these pre-sell pages subpages on the main domain.