Google Shopping: Advanced Tips to Dominate!

In this episode of What’s Working in Ecommerce, 15+ year PPC expert Josh Whelan talks about what it takes to win in Google Shopping for e-commerce, all the way from the basics to advanced tips.

Click below to listen to the audio podcast or watch the video of the episode. 


0:00 Intro

0:27 How Josh started in PPC

1:22 Collaborating with “competitors”

1:57 Why Google Shopping

2:55 Google Shopping Setup and Optimization Steps

3:45 Using data to scale your Google Shopping campaigns

4:09 Best Google Shopping ad account structure

5:16 Setting your Google Shopping bids

5:58 Setting up Google Merchant Center Feeds for Google Shopping

7:12 Should you use multiple product feeds for Google Shopping?

7:30 Google Search vs Google Shopping (& your broader marketing strategy)

10:00 Keywords and Google Shopping

11:00 How SEO relates to Google Shopping

12:14 How to Optimize Google Shopping Campaigns (& how not to do it)

16:00 Optimizing Google Shopping ads (tutorial)

22:00 Setting automated ROAS targets in Google Shopping

24:30 Negative Keyword Lists

26:00 How to increase impression share in Google Shopping

29:46 Should I use Smart Shopping? (Pros & Cons)

31:30 How to get started on Google Shopping Ads

You can find Josh at (As I mention at the end of the episode, he subcontracts on our client accounts, too!)