Finding Ecommerce Opportunities & Investing in Digital Real Estate

Leveraging digital real estate can lead to unprecedented success in the competitive ecommerce world. In this episode, we hear from Vlad Varizhuk, an esteemed expert in creating digital real estate for ecommerce businesses and founder of Enopoly.

Read on to discover how digital real estate can revolutionize your ecommerce strategies, expertly vet partners, and skyrocket your sales through Vlad’s scientific approach to building and managing digital stores.

You can also watch or listen to our interview with Vlad below.

Finding Ecommerce Opportunities & Investing in Digital Real Estate

Former boxer (!) Vlad Varizhuk from Enopoly talks about how his company raises money from investors and turns it into digital real estate by finding successful products on Amazon, buying those products at wholesale, and selling them effectively on the platform.

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0:30 Digital Real Estate
3:37 Finding a Wholesaler
11:09 Tools Used in Product Research
14:41 Marketing within a Bigger Platform
20:02 What I Learned from Boxing

Understanding Digital Real Estate and its Connection to Ecommerce

Digital real estate involves owning online stores on major platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Facebook. These platforms attract millions of daily visitors, making them valuable spaces for engaging with customers and driving sales. By building and managing digital stores, businesses gain a share of this lucrative online real estate and access a vast pool of potential customers.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Passive Income through Ecommerce

Ecommerce offers entrepreneurs a compelling alternative to traditional real estate investment. Instead of dealing with the complexities and time demands of physical properties, entrepreneurs can invest in ecommerce stores to generate passive income. This approach is particularly appealing to busy professionals or those with more capital than time.

Unlocking Profitable Ecommerce Opportunities through Wholesale

To achieve ecommerce success, Vlad’s team focuses on wholesale strategies. They identify products that are already successful on platforms like Amazon by using tools like Keepa and Helium 10. Analyzing product sales rankings, demand, and inventory levels helps them make data-driven decisions on what products to invest in and how to supply them to the market effectively.

Leveraging Wholesaler Relationships for a Competitive Edge

By building strong relationships with wholesalers, Vlad’s team gains access to exclusive deals and competitive pricing. They ensure a constant flow of inventory, making it easier to dominate the market. Their well-established rapport with suppliers ensures a steady rotation of products, maximizing sales potential and mutual benefits.

Delegating and Scaling for Sustainable Growth

A crucial aspect of Vlad’s approach is delegating tasks to a team. As the founder, he learns just enough about various aspects of the business and then trains team members to handle those tasks efficiently. This delegation allows him to focus on growth strategies and ensures that clients receive the attention and results they expect.

Drawing Inspiration from Boxing: Discipline and Focus

Vlad’s background in boxing taught him valuable life skills, including discipline and focus. He brings these qualities to his business endeavors, applying his time management skills to prioritize important tasks and maintain a steady growth trajectory.


Digital real estate offers a lucrative path to ecommerce success, generating passive income and unlocking opportunities for growth. Ecommerce entrepreneurs can leverage wholesale strategies, build strong supplier relationships, and delegate tasks to achieve scalable and sustainable success. If you’re a busy professional or entrepreneur looking to diversify your investments and achieve financial freedom, consider exploring the potential of digital real estate with Enopoly. To get in touch with their team and learn more about their services, visit Whether you’re just starting or already a seasoned ecommerce player, Enopoly is committed to helping you achieve your goals in the dynamic world of digital real estate.

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