Brand-First CRO Quick Wins

Successful Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies are essential in today’s eCommerce landscape. In this episode of “What’s Working in Ecommerce,” we hear from Shaun Brandt, the digital design expert from Oddit, as he shares what he and his team have learned through thousands of brand-first CRO audit reports.

Read on to discover the invaluable insights from Shaun’s extensive experience in CRO. Gain a deeper understanding of optimizing your brand’s performance and elevate your eCommerce success through his expert perspectives.

You can also watch or listen to our interview with Shaun below.

What's Working in Ecommerce: Brand-First CRO Quick Wins with Shaun Brandt from Oddit

In this episode of What's Working in Ecommerce, digital design expert Shaun Brandt from Oddit shares what he and his team have learned by doing thousands of brand-first Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit reports.

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0:31 Ecommerce Journey
7:30 Doing the Quick Win Strategy
11:55 Building the Quick Win Strategy
14:06 The Full Customer Report
19:35 Learning What Works in UX & CRO

Oddit: Brand-First CRO

Oddit focuses on providing reports rather than ongoing services, allowing them to maintain a highly focused approach. By offering free quick wins through redesigned sections of a website, they provide tangible value to potential clients. This strategy enables Oddit to showcase its expertise and generate leads without extensive human interaction. It also helps them deliver high-quality design work efficiently, contributing to their reputation as a brand-first CRO company.

The Quick Win Strategy: Turning Spec Work into Marketing Content

While some may view the quick win strategy as spec work, Shaun approaches it differently. Rather than considering it free labor, he sees it as an opportunity for marketing content creation. Oddit’s quick wins have become their primary content on Twitter, attracting leads and fueling their rapid growth. By investing time in creating mock-ups, their team continuously hones their skills and educates themselves. Additionally, the extensive library of visual tips derived from the quick wins serves as valuable marketing content for newsletters, partnerships, and social media. Even if a brand doesn’t convert into a paying customer, the positive interaction they have with Oddit often leads to word-of-mouth referrals, further amplifying their marketing reach.

Building the Quick Win Strategy: Efficient Time Investment

In the early stages, the quick win process was time-consuming. However, Oddit has developed an optimized workflow, utilizing an entire Figma system with predefined best practices. This system enables senior auditors to complete a quick win in around 15 to 20 minutes. Although it still requires a significant time investment, the efficiency gained allows Oddit to handle approximately 10 submissions per day. Despite the cost, the positive feedback and reputation boost justify the continued use of this strategy.

The Full Customer Report: Productized Services

Oddit’s primary service is the full customer report, typically consisting of around 50 pages. Each report includes a collection of quick wins, showcasing before-and-after mock-ups along with explanations of the changes made. Additionally, Oddit provides Figma prototypes illustrating the fully redesigned flow of the brand’s website. To further engage their customers, Oddit offers the Audit Club, a private Slack community where brands can interact with the team and seek advice. Looking ahead, Oddit plans to expand its services by launching verticals such as identity audits to assist smaller brands in developing brand guidelines more efficiently.


Shaun Brandt’s insights into brand-first CRO and the unique approach of Oddit provide valuable guidance for digital marketers. By prioritizing brand alignment and user experience, Oddit has found a winning formula that drives conversions and sets brands up for long-term success.

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